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Jump Stretch bands were developed by Coach Dick Hartzell, known as the Rubberband Man in 1980. Beware of knock-off bands from competitors who copy what we do, right down to the sizes and colors! We are the originators of the bands, with over 30 years' experience, and we continue to come up with innovative uses for them. To schedule a demonstration at your school or organization with Coach Dick Hartzell, Jump Stretch inventor, please call us at 330-717-1229 or toll-free at 855-344-FLEX (3539).

At Flex Performance and Training, we carry the complete line of what was formerly known as Flex Bands or Jump Stretch equipment, including Bases, Adhesive Straps, and instructional DVDs. Our high-quality continuous-loop latex bands and US-made, latex-free Dick Hartzell Strength Strips are available in the Flex Performance and Training store, which you can find at our "Products" link. The Dick Hartzell Strength Strips are unmatched in quality and durability for use in a medical setting. At Flex Performance and Training, we are here to help you, so please call us with any questions at 330-717-1229.

If you are in the Youngstown, Ohio, area and need a place to train or workout, Flex Performance & Training is the place! We offer athletic training, general fitness classes, and team conditioning. Flex Performance and Training is located at 11836 South Ave., North Lima, OH 44452, in the North Lima Business Complex. For others, bands may be just another item in their catalog, but this is what we do 24/7!

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