Orientation Class

There is a bit of a learning curve when people first start to train with our bands. That's why we offer a one-time Orientation Class for new members each Saturday. We want to make sure each individual is familiar with the techniques used here, especially the stretching routine, so that they are prepared when they first take their "regular" class. This helps to ease new members in so they are comfortable with how things run, and current members aren't frustrated by a class being slowed down!

The Orientation Class generally takes about an hour and a half. Participants must be at least 10 years of age and must fill out a "Par Q" exercise consent form that needs to be signed by an adult (18 or over).  We recommend wearing sweat pants or shorts that are a little longer and "form fitting" and, of course, tennis shoes. Orientation Class takes place Saturdays at 12:15pm. This class is FREE, but is limited to 25 people, so please call us at 330-717-1229 to get on our list for the date you would like to reserve.

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