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We offer different types of classes at three different locations to meet different needs...

In addition to the North Lima location, there are Jump Stretch classes at the Buhl Club in Sharon, PA, and at The Offseason in Struthers, OH. You may call these locations directly for their class times and rates:

Buhl Club (Sharon, PA) 724-981-3700 x105

The Off-Season 330-831-4000

The classes listed below are at the NORTH LIMA location:

Athletic Training classes are designed to condition athletes to play whatever sport they are in. We work with athletes age 10 & up, through to professionals. We specialize in off-season conditioning, at a time of year when the individual can come 2-3 times a week to achieve the best results. Athletic Training Classes last one hour and are held 6 days a week. Participants are free to pop in at whatever classtime is convenient with their schedules.

The class atmosphere allows athletes to train hard up to their potential with other like-minded individuals. We test vertical jump, agility, and flexibility during the first week of each month at no extra charge to the athletes. The cost of this class is $60 per month, plus tax. Quarterly and yearly rates are available, please call for details if you are interested. A one-time Orientation Class is required for new members before participating in this class.

Note: Testing is done as a courtesy to members during specified times, however non-members or people who have missed specified times can still get tested for a $25 fee. This includes warm-up with FlexBands, T-test, flexibility test, and vertical test, under the supervision of a trained instructor.


Our Fitness Class is designed to meet the needs of adults who want to feel better, maintain their weight, lower blood pressure, and stay active. It also works for individuals who participate in recreational sports or who have active jobs. Individuals need to be able to get on and off the floor to participate in this class, because the stretching routine is done on the floor. This class starts off with stretching, including shoulder and low-back stretches that aren't generally done in the Athletic Classes.

The rest of the class would involve various drills in a circuit fashion that would work the lower body, upper body, and core. We utilize rubberband strength training, as well as kettlebells, ropes, steps and various other modalities. This class meets 3 times per week for one hour, and the cost is $35/month plus tax. A one-time Orientation Class is required for new members before participating in this class.



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